The Client

Castle Towers is a shopping centre in The Hills district of Sydney.


The Brief

‘For Valentine’s day, create vox-pop style video content for social media.’


The Audience

A tight-knit community with strong family values. 78% identify with religious beliefs. 


The Solution

We decided to focus on a particular – and often marginalised – part of the community, the elderly. With many modern marriages faltering, these couples seemed the perfect people to share their wealth of knowledge on Valentine’s Day.

We created a short film, ‘Lessons in Love - From Some Lifelong Experts’. We found three local couples who had been married
for many decades, researched their history, then asked them to share their experiences and stories to benefit
the wider community. The message was simple: Celebrate Love.


The Result

The video was a resounding success, becoming the client’s most popular video piece to date. Reach-wise, it eclipsed  the previously most popular video by 154%. Engagement levels were exceptionally high with the local community embracing the video with an outpouring of empathy, and tagging partners with the suggestion that they could take note and follow suit.