The Client

Hyperdome, a regional shopping centre in Loganholme, Qld.


The Brief

‘Remind our social media audience about Father’s Day.’


The Audience

A predominantly family orientated audience in a growing suburban area.


The Solution

Research shows people spend an average 30 per cent less on Aussie Dads for Father’s Day than they do on Mums for
Mother’s Day.  Dads getting ‘shortchanged’ – in dollar value or thought consideration – formed the basis of our approach.  

With socks being the stereotypical Father’s Day gift, we created a sock puppet to front the reminder. The drab puppet was contrasted against more exciting, desirable gifts. The tagline ‘Don’t Dud Dad’ encouraged audiences to think about poor
old Dad in the coming days…


The Result

The video effectively challenged the traditional Father’s Day approach and as a result was the second highest viewed social content that month. (The first was our other video…)

It also paved the way for a move towards more video-based content for this client.