The Client

Connor is a reliable, mainstream fashion brand for the everyday guy.


The Brief

‘Evolve our brand – without fundamentally altering our DNA.’


The Audience

The average Aussie guy aged 20-40.


The Solution

Plump + Spry reviewed all brand communication – campaign imagery, in-store signage and social media communication.
We conducted research with thousands of existing and recent customers and also sought input from a target market unfamiliar with the brand.

These insights led to a highly focussed hierarchy of visual-based communication, with the customer at the heart of the experience. The new approach was applied, refined and trialled with Connor customers. 


The Result

The instore trials were a resounding success delivering a significant, direct uplift in store sales that led to a national rollout of the new look and feel across all 137 stores. In addition, animated social media assets created by Plump + Spry delivered a 55% increase in usual engagement levels with further work planned in this area.