The Client

Australian TV and Radio presenter James Kerley. 


The Brief

‘Create a humorous self-help title aimed at guys, with advice on everything from health to finance and sex.’


The Audience

The primary audience was Australian males between 18 and 30. Insights showed that despite the broad age range, the audience were united by a youthful outlook – delaying passage into adulthood for as long as possible. Communication through humour and a non-preachy, no-nonsense approach were welcomed around topics of interest.


The Solution

In collaboration with James, the book was conceived and completed within a five-week window. Ten chapters were written and graphically illustrated to appeal to audience life-needs, sense of style and humour.

Our design was inspired by retro journals (complete with faux leather-bound cover) and confrontational, punkish graphics.  Classic typography was used alongside a custom-created font we based on the author’s handwriting. The final design was
both authoritative and anti-establishment.

P&S-Cult- 294.jpg

The Result

The Man Plan was distributed by traditional bookstores and retailers including Glue Store, Surf Dive Ski,
David Jones and  Within the first 12 weeks, over 5,000 copies were sold. A second print run was
released less than a year later to satisfy demand. 

“I was planning to study history’s greatest minds in a quest to become a better man, but then I found this book,
so I reckon I’m sorted now.”  
Wil Anderson, comedian