About Us

A Sydney-based creative content agency, we create multi-platform attention-grabbing content that helps brands grow.

Curious minds & Sharp thinkers

Plump & Spry was founded in 2010, built on the belief that the traditional agency model was too cumbersome. Our way of thinking? A modern agency can be both heavyweight (plump) and nimble (spry). So while our network of talent means we punch with the big guys, we’re better equipped to deal with budget restraints, content production and content marketing demands.

It’s a philosophy that has served us well as a creative agency over the years, and we’re continually evolving with market needs efficiently – and effectively.

Ranging intellect & Retail expertise

While we work across a range of mediums, our speciality lies in retail content for fashion, food and lifestyle brands spanning premium to value-driven products.

Creativity lovers & Ego loathers

We’re a creative agency that takes pride in what we do, and love nothing more than creating work valued by clients and customers alike.

Honest and collaborative, we champion a jargon-free culture. Prefer phone calls over emails. Dislike bullshit and dismiss ego: they simply have no place with us.

Clarity, collaboration & creativity

A creative and content marketing agency based in Sydney, we believe our work is only of value to your brand if it’s of value to your audience. That’s why we like to challenge assumptions – to clearly understand their attitudes and needs. Because asking awkard questions upfront means no awkward silences at the end…

In the process, we translate ideas into visual content, video content, and compelling experiences that spark delight, increase engagement, and build brand love. BIG TIME.

However, our work is only as good as our client relationships. We believe that honest, open dialogue leads to better outcomes, and we’re flexible to your way of working. Whether externally as an extension of your team, or side-by-side in-house, we’ll work with you to achieve the best possible outcome through clarity, collaboration and creativity.

Sound like a good idea? Let’s chat.



Content Strategy
Social Strategy
Ad Campaigns
Content Workshops
Visual Language
Tone of Voice
Trend Reports
Project Management

Social Media

Video content
Visual content
Concept Dev.
Content Creation
Content Curation
Content Production
Content Marketing


Print Management


Art Direction


Motion Graphics
6-15 Sec


Finalist: Agency of the Year, 2019
(The Real Media Collective)

Winner: Best in Class, 2019
(The Real Media Collective)

Finalist: Temporary Installations 2019 & Entire Magazine, 2019

Winner: Occasion Based Shopper Campaign, 2019
(Shop! Marketing & Retail Awards)

Winner: Most Effective – F&B, 2018
(The Content Council, USA)

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